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Coach Parker was a scholarship football player at East Carolina and lettered there 3 years. That explains why the Clippers have purple and gold jerseys! Although football was his drive and allowed him to earn a free college education, he developed a love of basketball as a player in high school and continued that love when he became involved in coaching the game 20 years ago. What started out as volunteering and coaching his son’s teams has continued for years after his son’s playing days ended. Because of a love for the game and a passion for working with young men to help them to achieve their goals, Coach Parker has continued to stay involved. Coach values the relationships he has built with his players over the years and he counts seeing them succeed in life as the greatest reward for coaching and the reason he continues to be involved.


This year will be no different. He always looks to impact his players in a positive manner and to assist them in becoming young men of character. In the journey of a season, he looks to assist and push them to become better players and prepare them to succeed at their schools in the fall.  Whether it is helping the player to reach a goal of playing in college or to be the best player he can be, Coach always gives the extra effort to assist his guys to win in both basketball and more importantly, in the game of life.


Coach’s interesting facts – He is married with two grown children, both of whom got married in 2015.


He graduated with a Business Degree from East Carolina University. Go Pirates!


He was born and raised in Wilmington NC, loves the beach, any beach! He has lived in Matthews and the area for 33 years.


Priorities in life are, his faith in Christ, his beautiful wife, his family, serving others.  His goal is to make wherever he goes, better than it was before he got there.


He works at Presentation Systems South as a Territory Account Manager


And something of a life motto the kids will hear is ‘Keep Grinding no matter the circumstances’.




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